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September 16

This was the only scheduled day in the last three weeks that was dry enough to paint. It seems like it’s been raining forever…since before I moved here…since before I was born. Not only is the lack of sunlight a strong disincentive, but the humidity curls my paper, and the number, size, and ferocity of the mosquitos makes me think I’m in Zombieland. As I write this I’m covered in welts and am going through allergy ointment in the 5 lb vats. Ah, the joys of nature. We had to skip September 9 (Cylburn Arboretum) and September 24 (Patuxent Wildlife Refuge), but the 16th at Quiet Waters was indeed a nice day. Rita C. and Barbara S. joined me there, and we had a lovely view across the South River. I again painted the north gazebo, this time from a slightly different angle, and am mainly pleased with the result. I can’t wait for this weather to break…maybe this is the year I take up plein air in the snow!



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September 3

Brookside Gazebo

Back to our regular Howard County plein air schedule! We were set to go to Brookside Gardens today. The forecast was calling for storms in the afternoon, but not long after I arrived, around 9:30, the sky clouded over and I could hear thunder. We never really got the sun back for more than a minute or two the rest of the morning. There were four of us - me, Barbara, Adron, and Cathy (although I think there may have been others whom I did not see) – and I was the only one of us to paint, although I had my doubts. I set up under the Anderson Pavilion, which provided shelter when it finally started to rain. The other three took a lot of photos and walked the paths: neither Adron nor Cathy had been there before and it’s pretty overwhelming the first time. We try to get there to paint twice a year, and this was our second time for 2011: the first time on the schedule was May 14, and that was a very wet day – no one went. Today I made do with the view from the pavilion, even without much good light, and completed “Brookside Gazebo” before heading back home.

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September 2

Gray Day on the Severn

This was not a sunny day by any stretch of the imagination, but one of the members of Karen’s Paint 360 group who lives in Sherwood Forest, a gated waterfront community outside Annapolis, had invited the group to paint along the Severn River, and I gladly joined in. We had a good turn-out, even though it was a bit gloomy. My painting, “Gray Day on the Severn,” reflects that: low clouds, no shadows, and cool mid-values. Once done and in the critique, though, I realized I’d gotten a bit too dark, so once back in the studio, I lightened it up and added another piling in the background: Karen said that having only one made it look “lonely,” and she was right. My thanks to Izzy for the invitation!


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August 31

Stone Bridge

We got through Hurricane Irene all right, but not without a lot of anxiety. Lost power very briefly a couple of times early Sunday morning, and had some willow limbs down, but that was about it. The week following the hurricane is just beautiful, though, and I feel like I haven’t been out to paint in ages. Harry’s doing better, too, so I packed up my gear and went to the Orange-Avalon area of the Patapsco Valley State Park. It was sunny, clear, and not too humid. There were still plenty of signs of Irene’s presence, but no flooding. I set up in front of a little stone bridge that I’ve been meaning to paint for a few years, now…it just carries a path over a culvert, but is nicely shaped, and had good tree shadows on it. There were lots of people out at the park, enjoying the fine weather, and it was a good morning. I completed “Stone Bridge” on site.

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August 26

Another session I had to miss. Harry, our 14-year-old male tabby, has been diagnosed with diabetes, and we started him on insulin today. As it was his first day, I stayed home to make sure he was OK.

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