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August 20

I’m glad now I decided to paint at the Living Farm Heritage Museum on the 11th, since I was not able to attend the plein air session scheduled for there today. We needed to get one of our 14-year-old cats to the vet…he’s not doing too well and we’re growing concerned. Hope to hear some results of the lab tests next week.


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August 12

Sunlit Path

I was feeling encouraged by my success on Thursday when I got to Lake Kittamaqundi on Friday. The weather was again very pleasant and we had a really good turn-out: me, Barbara, Kim, Rana, Kate, Rita, Maria, Brenda, and Cathy, and we all settled down to paint along the waterfront near Clyde’s and the Artists’ Gallery. I considered a variety of views but ended up back on the bit of lawn overlooking the cement walking path, where it turns under the trees to follow the lake shore. The movement of the path, the dappled light coming through the trees, and the view of the lake beyond all is very nice, and even though I’d painted that view before, in 2009, I still found it attractive and wanted to try it again. This time, although I was pleased that I’m getting more consistent in avoiding fussy details, I am not 100% thrilled with my painting. I think it’s salvageable, but it will need some work before it gets posted here.

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August 11

Hebb House

This Thursday was not a regularly scheduled paint-out, but the weather was promised to be so fine – sunny with low humidity and not too warm – that I could not pass it up. I went out about 8am and drove around a bit before deciding that I wanted to paint at the Living Farm Heritage Museum in Howard County. It was lovely: so quiet, with a nice breeze and no bugs. (I guess they were all off somewhere else harassing some other poor artist.) I’ve wanted to paint the Hebb House for a while and decided today was the day. I knew I needed to keep it real simple, though, using the approach that Terri Ford taught me and remembering to eschew detail for broader, bolder strokes of color. I used a smaller surface, therefore (6” x 10”), to help me avoid fiddling. I have to admit I’m quite happy with the painting I did and with the fact that (for once) I met my goals!  


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August 6

Another day at Lake Elkhorn – this time on our regular plein air schedule. The weather was hot and humid, but not as bad as it had been at the end of July. Not much sun, though, was able to break through the cloud cover, so the one area I’d wanted to paint was not really very interesting. We had a good turn-out: Rita, Maria, Brenda, Barbara, and I were joined by an artist new to our group, Adron. I decided to do a pastel sketch of a lovely white mulberry tree that leans out over the lake, and I spent about two hours on that. However, I was (and remain) disappointed with the result. I liked the initial drawing I did: the real problem occurred in the application of pastel. I lost the sweep of the branches and the beauty of the lines. I think the tree – its shape and movement – is a far better subject for a graphite drawing, so I took a bunch of photos and will hope to work on it, one of these days.

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July 27

It’s been a good long while since I had anything to post here. I was in Dallas July 13 – 19 and did not paint out (but I did finally meet my Texas cousin Fran the watercolor artist – that was excellent, and so is she!), and our next two sessions (July 23 and 29) were cancelled because of excessive heat. My friend Barbara and I did, however, take advantage of the one low-humidity/reasonable-temperature day on July 27 and painted along the shore of Lake Elkhorn in Columbia. That was a real pleasure, especially since it had been so long since I’d been outside to paint. We parked ourselves in one of the small red-roofed shelters and painted the view across the lake. Barbara and I will be having a joint “Featured Artist” show this coming November at the Artists’ Gallery, and one of the things we’re trying to do is show a couple of pieces that we’ve each done while looking at the same view…just to demonstrate how two artists can interpret the same scene differently. On this day I completed “Summer Reflections,” pastel on Wallis, in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to see Barbara’s finished piece!


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