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October 22 and 28

Scott's Cove Autumn

My apologies for having taken so long to post to this blog – it’s just been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. I’ve also missed a lot of beautiful fall days when I would have loved to be outside painting. Just too much going on, and I clearly over-committed myself (6 shows in 3 months is just stupid). Not sure how/when that happened, exactly: I just woke up one morning and found myself in over my head. And while that was happening, the summer of 2011 went by like a bullet train, with more than our usual share of rain-outs, so that now, in the second week of November, I feel like I have very little to show for the last 6 months…….or maybe I should just stop whining and get back to work! Our last two sessions were a lot of fun. On October 22 we were at a local farm, at the owner’s invitation. The day was cloudy but mild and the 5 of us – me, Maria, Barbara, Rita C., and Jane – had fun painting the old weathered barn and watching the flock of geese perambulate around the yard. I am not terribly thrilled with the painting I produced: as I usually do on cloudy days, I got everything too dark. I will spend some time on it in the studio, though, and see if it can be saved. The last session for 2011 was October 28, at Scott’s Cove. It was a sunny, cold day with the glowing colors of the turning leaves reflected in the water of the reservoir. I was able to work for only an hour before my hands and nose got too cold. This is a small piece – just 6” x 10” – but it captures the peace of the morning, I think. I have photos, as well, so I may use this sketch and the photos to develop a larger studio piece later on.

And that was it for the 2011 sessions: we’ll start up again in May 2012. If you’d like to be added to the Howard County Plein Air alias and receive notices about the 2012 schedule, just use the “Contact” function on my website to let me know.

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